Lifetime Moments Tours 

Do you have a bucket list for your club - some locales that are truly life changing?  We sure do, and we want to share them with your customers! These are our Lifetime Moments tours and they are special indeed.

We introduced a new group of bankers to Kenya last year, and they’re hooked! They’ve gone to their clubs and have passionately talked about the life changing experience it was for them.

Benni TRIPS sign top of Macchu Pichu

From China to Machu Picchu, these are locales that people often just dream of. Let us take you on these special journeys. From the excitement of the Tournament of Roses Parade in our hometown to a Kenya Wing Safari, let us show you how to make these a reality for your club!

Call Mikki at 818-753-4530 and let us help you get that bucket list to overflowing!